Wonder Woman Game

Wonder Woman Game Announced By Middle-Earth Shadow of War Devs (VIDEO)

DC Comics have extended their presence well beyond their original medium into other entertainment forms. This has especially been true in the world of video games, from the DC games…

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Middle Earth Nemesis

Warner Bros. Is Trying To Patent Middle-Earth Nemesis System

Video game technology has rapidly evolved quickly throughout the medium’s history, and that has been especially true of the most recent generation of gaming. While hardware has been the most…

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Honor Patch

Upcoming For Honor Patch To Commemorate The Passing Of Community Member

If games do one thing well it’s bringing people together and a solid community can build new friendships, strengthen old ones, and sometimes even lead to love. There are few things…

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Online Fight Pits

Shadow Of War Update Brings Online Fight Pits And More

Monolith Productions has announced a new update being released for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that includes a new feature called Online Fight Pits. The highly rated action-adventure title includes a…

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Assassins Creed Easter Egg

Assassins Creed Easter Egg Found in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (VIDEO)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War releases within just a few days leaving many fans with anticipation. The first game in the series was well received but was also heavily compared to…

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Shape Shifting Shelob

“Sexy Shelob” Explained – Narrative Designer Talks The Notorious Spider Change in Shadow of War

Throughout the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, the giant spider Shelob has always been a spider, so it might seem strange for players of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and fans of…

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Thrak the Orc “Feels Pretty” in Two New Hilarious Promotional Trailers for Shadow of War (VIDEOS)

There are quite a few promotional videos being released for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, many showing off the various tribes players will be fighting and recruiting. These trailers hold a…

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Mystic Tribe

New Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer Showcases Mystic Tribe (VIDEO)

Monolith Productions has been giving fans a lot to drool over the past few weeks. With teasers giving fans the opportunity to take an interactive experience of viewing the game experience…

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Feral Tribe

Meet the Feral Tribe in the Latest Middle Earth: Shadow of War Trailer (VIDEO)

The countdown continues for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War as a new video acquaints fans to one more tribe which will be featured in the game. This time around, players are…

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Dark Tribe

Meet the Dark Tribe in Latest Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer (VIDEO)

Within the upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow of War title, there will be multiple “Tribes” of Orcs for the players to recruit to their side. The game has seen three of these…

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