MultiVersus Season 1

MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Won’t Release All At Once

The fighting game scene has been booming the past decade or so and the genre’s fans have lately been obsessed with fighting game MultiVersus, the new Smash Bros.-like fighting game…

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Hogwarts Legacy Delay

Hogwarts Legacy Delayed To New 2023 Release Date

2022 had promised a big return to a busy fall and winter release schedule for the year’s biggest video games. However, it seems that for various reasons, many games that…

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MultiVersus Season 1

MultiVersus Season 1, Morty Fighter Release Dates Revealed

The fighting game genre has already proven to be quite popular and fruitful, but the multiplayer brawl-style of fighters has specifically grown in a significant way. Thanks to the groundwork…

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MultiVersus Player Count

MultiVersus Player Count Tops 11 Million Before Full Launch

The fighting game genre has exploded in popularity in recent years amongst fans, with developers looking to utilize companies’ growing acquisition of popular characters. The latest of these character-driven multiplayer…

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Gollum Delay

The Lord of The Rings: Gollum Delay Confirmed

As the video game has adjusted to ongoing changes due to the pandemic from the past few years, the world-shifting event has continued to cause delays for many of the…

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Multiversus Cinematic Trailer

Multiversus Cinematic Trailer Reveals New Fighters, Including Iron Giant (VIDEO)

Video gaming has many popular genres of gameplay structures, with perhaps one of the most popular being fighting games. The influence of Super Smash Bros. has been felt quite deeply…

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Gotham Knights PS4

Gotham Knights PS4, Xbox One Versions Cancelled

The newest generation of video game consoles has been made available for about a year and a half now at this point, and often it is this period of time…

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Warner Bros. Game Studios

Warner Bros. Game Studios Could Be Acquired By Sony Or Xbox

Across all entertainment media in the past few years, corporate mergers and acquisitions are a fairly significant and frequently occurring phenomenon. This has been especially true in the gaming industry…

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Kill the Justice League Delay

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Delay Confirmed

While the gaming industry has fared quite well during the pandemic, one way it has been impacted has been in the prevalence of development delays. With so many game studio…

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The Wolf Among Us 2

Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer Revealed For Long-Awaited Sequel (VIDEO)

Nearly a decade after the first installment, fans are still waiting for The Wolf Among Us 2. The Fable-based follow-up was originally announced in 2017, but the high-profile closure of…

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