Scarface DLC Added to Payday 2 Puts You Right in the Film! (VIDEO)

While we at DFTG do not condone the active influence of a real life crime organization, we have to admit, video games do make it seem fun for awhile. In the world of heists, robbery, and drugs, the whole wicked affair could not be complete without adding in our favorite crooked criminal from a cult classic to make it all that much better. Throwing back to the good ol’ days of crime entertainment, Scarface has been a classic film for the century, and one that is just oh so quotable. Now, if mayhem and misandry are your cup of tea, it’s time to kick it up a knock and add our “little friend” to our favorite team-based crime title: Payday 2!

Payday 2 Scarface DLC

Recently released, the Scarface DLC for Payday 2 comes two-fold: a character pack and the Scarface Heist. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing the likeness of Al Pacino in the first DLC, but the character pack does add Ant to the game. Ant is pumped up and ready to go, angel dust on hand and toting some seriously wicked weapons to the show. You can take a look at the character pack below in this brief video spotlight to see what you can expect out of this particular package deal:

As for the Scarface Heist, you and your team get a chance to overtake the Sosa Cartel mansion in the style of the aforementioned film and rain lead-fueled vengeance on your enemies (and use a hoaky portable telephone as a melee weapon if you just want to get cr-aaazy!). If either of these DLC packs sound like something you want to get your hands on, check them out on Steam. The character pack runs $4.99, while the Scarface Heist costs $6.99. If there is ever the worry that $11 sounds a little steep for DLC, just keep in mind… what would Tony Montana do?

If you’re in the gift-giving mood for your friends and loved ones this holiday, keep in mind that video games can always be the gift that keeps on giving. DLC is a great way to expand on already beloved titles, so if you happen to know of a particular game your friends love, check out these articles below to see if there are any additional DLC packs (other than the ones mentioned above) that just might hit the spot this year:

So what do you think of this brand new Scarface DLC? Do you currently play Payday 2? Will you be gun slinging your way through the crime underworld in this new, lavish looking pack with your team mates? Let us know in the comments below, and game on!

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