Battlefield 1 (BF1) – They Shall Not Pass DLC Receives First Teaser


A new teaser has gone up on the Battlefield Twitter page, showing a gorgeous new piece of Battlefield 1 art, captioned “Soyez prêts,” which translates from French into “Be ready.” The image shows what appears to be some sort of bunker fire fight, tattered French flags hanging from the walls, and it is absolutely stunning. Looks like They Shall Not Pass (TSNP) is getting all that much closer.

It has been announced that Battlefield 1 will introduce the French and Russian Empire to the game through DLC, so it looks like the French Army is coming with the TSNP expansion, which is set to arrive March 2017 as the games first paid expansion – though those that bought the games $50 Season Pass won’t have to worry about that.

Giant’s Shadow launched earlier this week for free, adding a free DLC map for those with a season pass or the Early Enlister Edition, and will become available on December 20 for everyone else. The Eye to Eye game mode also came out this week (the shotgun only, fast paced game mode), on top of the Line of Sight sniper and medic only game mode. Battlefield 1 is doing their best to keep this game exciting and releasing great updates to ensure the game stays balanced.

Are you excited to play as the French? What else are you hoping will come with the DLC? What’s your favourite battlefield 1 experience? Comment below!

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