Morph Girl is an FMV Game Inspired by 90s Japanese Horror Films (VIDEO)

Morph Girl

Looking for a new game to try? If shooters and RPG’s seem a little mainstream these days, a new, low commitment title is being released soon that should pique many gamers interest. Morph Girl, created by indie developer Jaydeb, has just the thing for those looking for a little something extra, as this new title takes inspiration from 90’s Japanese movies to bring a whole new story to gaming libraries.

This point-and-click, interactive graphic novel looks like a lot of fun, if not a little chilling (or funny, depending on one’s sense of humor). Gamers follow the story of Elena, a woman suffering from the loss of her wife, and dealing with what appears to be an entity that tries to overtake her world. Check out the trailer below to see exactly what players could be up against:

Morph Girl is a Point and Click/Visual Novel whereby your choices incur consequences. Make decisions that could save or endanger Elana’s life from an entity of unknown intent – and her own grief. Inspired by low-fi Japanese horror movies of the late 90’s, Morph Girl adopts an FMV, family VHS tape inspired aesthetic to evoke the most intimate and invasive fears and anxieties surrounding the invasion of one’s home. Morph Girl’s branching story means that your decisions meaningfully impact and change the course of the game’s narrative, as well as events long passed. Explore and interact with Elana’s life to unearth (and alter) the details to a deeply troubled past and relationship. Unlock all 6 endings and find your conclusion to Morph Girl and Elana’s story.”

This game certainly has “creative” down to a T! Graphically speaking, the game looks like it was shot with a low-resolution camcorder, which only adds to the camp-factor that this title is brimming with. But don’t underestimate this game just yet. Morph Girl has six different endings, depending on the choices of the player. Does Elena end up finding peace in her loss? Will she be tormented by this entity forever? Or will she join her beloved Rebecca in death? With every decision changing the path of the story, this campy take on an old style of gaming looks like a great way to burn a few extra hours of the day. Morph Girl will be available to play on August 30th, so make sure to check out the Steam page here to prepare for its arrival!

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Thoughts on Morph Girl? How many gamers want to give this unique little title a try when it launches? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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