Return To Myrtana In The Gothic Orpheus Mod For Skyrim (VIDEO)

Gothic Orpheus

Near the beginning of the decade, Piranha Bytes began the Gothic franchise which featured a medieval world where humanity is losing a war against Orcs. It was a well loved series and fans have been hoping to return to the world for a long time, now that’s possible with the Gothic Orpheus mod for Skyrim that takes players back to experience a new dark and brooding Gothic experience.

The Gothic Skyrim mod is a total conversion mod which takes place after the events of the first two games, during the fall of Myrtana. Myrtana is one of the kingdoms within the series’ lore, and a place that had fans itching to get back to. It is a full story with 32 quests with talented voice acting from the Skyrim Voice Alliance and over 50 items built specifically for the mod.

Set in Valley of Mines after the first two Gothic games during the fall of the Myrthana, the great Hero who felled the Sleeper and changed the face of the world has died. In his absence, the land has been plunged into chaos. Civil war ravaged the lands leaving it weak and open to conquest. The despondent remnants of the paladins fight the rampaging horde of Orcs terrorizing the realm while scavengers and beasts pick the bones of war clean. A new champion is required or at least a savvy soul who can see an opportunity for greatness. In the land of Nordmar you were captured by the Orcs. They drag you to the islands of Khornis to execute you but you manage to escape into the brutal Valley of Mines.

Gothic Orpheus tweaks some of vanilla Skyrim’s gameplay in order to “better represent the development ideals of the Gothic series” and allows players to make choices throughout the experience. The mod is built for “true RPG fans” allowing the ultimate freedom of choice giving players the power to make many different choices, though they will have to live with the consequences of each choice they make.

For now, the Gothic Skyrim mod is only available on PC and there appears to be no plans to implement the mod onto console platforms. Did you ever play the original Gothic titles? Let us know your thoughts on the Gothic Skyrim mod and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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