Learn Assassin’s Creed Origins Lore In A Minute (VIDEO)

Ever find yourself in a temporary moment of clueless (or several) after playing a game and still wondering just what the heck was behind it all. When gamers are caught up in gameplay, paying attention to details like quests and character nuances, sometimes the story or the history gets lost in translation. It’s also to get lost in the other stories being told as well. Thankfully, one YouTuber wanted to fill this void and does so in good time . Caught up in the latest Ubisoft game right now? Here’s Assassin’s Creed Origins Lore in a minute:

On this channel, LORE manages to breakdown various backgrounds, history, and other useful information of several different franchises out there. From video games like of Gears of War, BioShock, Elder Scrolls, and Zelda to animated TV shows, movies, and comics like The Avengers, Adventure Time, Naruto, and plenty more.

The video above focuses specifically on Assassin’s Creed Origins lore and makes split-second references to the first parts of the franchise. In this case, thanks to Cleopatra and Ptolemy, the Medjay lost much of the authority they had when the group was forcefully disbanded. Despite that, Bayek still had responsibilities to his country as the last Medjay. In this journey, Bayek sets the groundwork for the conception of the Brotherhood. That’s not all, so make sure to check out the video above in its entirety to get the low-down.

Creed Origins Hieroglyphs

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