PUBG Debuts ‘Shroud’ and ‘DrDisRespect’ Unique Weapon Skins, Now Available

PUBG took the world by storm with the battle royale first hit Steam shelves, and it continues to go strong on both PC and Xbox One. Two of some of the most recognizable content creators for the brand, Shroud and DrDisRespect, have teamed up with Bluehole to bring in their own personal style into the game. Starting June 4th, fans of these two streamers can rep their favs with brand new weapon skins in-game.

According to the company:

Get Shroud’s Ghosted Crate, purchasable directly on Twitch or on Steam for $9.99. Crate is guaranteed to contain:

Get DrDisRespect’s Speed & Momentum Crate, also purchasable directly on Twitch or on Steam for $9.99. Crate is guaranteed to contain:

“We worked closely with Dr. DisRespect and Shroud to design these weapon skins. It’s a true partnership between them and PUBG Corp, and we’re thrilled that these creators will get a share of the profits every time a fan buys one of these new crates.”

So how do you get these skins? The dev team answered a few common questions about the new items over on their official Steam post to help fans get which ones they want the most. Here’s what you need to know for that sweet, sweet new loot:

How do I unlock the skins?
The two weapon skin bundles will only be available through Twitch or on Steam. (More details to come)

How long will the skins be available for sale?
The skins will only be purchasable during the month of June: June 4 – June 30.

Will these be marketable on the Steam community market?
No, not according to our current plans. We’ll update you if we change this plan.

Are you considering doing partnerships like this with more streamers in the future?
We’re definitely open to it. We love content creators that support PUBG, and we’re actively experimenting with more ways to partner up.

Can I purchase more than one set of each crate?
Nope. Each account is limited to one purchase of each of the crates (to be super clear: you can buy both, just not more than one of each).

DrDisRespect has had some pretty heavy controversy in recent times over some personal issues, but he’s back into the swing of things and is more of a force than ever before in the streaming world. What do you think about the latest skins to be added into the game? Any other content creators you’d like to see get the same treatment? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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