PS5 Controller Faceplates Being Sold By Third Party Company

PS5 Controller faceplates

­While the PlayStation 5 has been fairly difficult to obtain, PS5 owners have been loving the new console. Debuting with the console is the new DualSense controller that has new features including dynamic vibrations and resistive triggers to help immerse the player in gameplay. The controller also offers greater customizability for these features, allowing them to work for players of different abilities. While they are delayed for now, PS5 users are awaiting the custom faceplates for the console. Now, it seems that a third party has also prepared a new set of PS5 controller faceplates for the DualSense controller.

PS5 Controller Faceplates

Decor Evolve recently shared their new PS5 controller faceplates on their official website. For $9.99, the new race covers can make what is normally the black portion of the PS5 DualSense controller, with the ten new potential available colors being gold, rose gold, light blue, steel grey, silver, orange, purple, midnight blue, blue and red. The faceplates simply snap into place on the controller, making them easy to install. Decor Evolve also has a special sale where customers can purchase two faceplates for 10% off or four faceplates for 20% off. Now isn’t that just a great steal?

PS5 Controller faceplates

Sony has not yet released official PlayStation 5 controller faceplates for the DualSense controller, but they have suggested that they will be releasing differently colored DualSense controllers in the future. Some other third party companies besides this one have been able to create faceplates and others controller accessories by ensuring that they do not infringe on any pre-existing PlayStation patents. Until these official first party controller updates come, these PS5 Controller faceplates will have to suffice for these looking to alter the look of their DualSense controllers. Making more customizable controllers just makes DualSense.

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