WATCH: Portal’s GLaDOS Returns To Science With Two New NASA Videos

GLaDOS Returns

The Portal series doesn’t look like it will  be going places regarding a full third title anytime soon even after the recent release of a mobile counterpart, though that game is definitely enjoyable. That being said, on the bright side the science crazed AI of the series will always be around to run tests and sing glorious musical numbers for those still alive to join them. While it might not be Aperture Labs, GLaDOS returns to her calling with another cool job – this time with NASA.

The video below features GLaDOS, the voice of GLaDOS anyway also known as Ellen McLain, as she sings a song about the electronic spectrum. This AI goes by the title of NASA Official Talking General Leisure And Diversion Operational Server and also had a suspicious passion for domination.

The description of the video doesn’t name the AI but does express that its a “science-mad AI system” that uses song to teach a computer technical about the electronic spectrum.

Are microwaves really just a form of light? What exactly is the electromagnetic spectrum? A science-mad A.I. system (voiced by GLaDOS actress Ellen McLain) uses song to explain this to a computer technician (Ed Wasser). With Casey McKinnon & Mike Romo.

NASA’s Universe of Learning materials are based upon work supported by NASA under award number NNX16AC65A to the Space Telescope Science Institute, working in partnership with the Chandra X-ray Center, Caltech/IPAC, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Exoplanet Exploration Program, and Sonoma State University.

As it happens, the video above is actually a sequel to another video titled “NOTGLaDOS” which of course also sounds suspicious, very suspicious indeed.

NOTGLaDos is sure to be a hit with science nerds and Portal fans alike. There’s always more science to be done, perhaps another day will come when GLaDOS returns again? Let us know your thoughts on GLaDOS’ return and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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