Light-Up Pikachu On Sale Now For 10 Bucks, Perfect For Pokemon Fans!

Pika Pika! If you’re looking for a good deal for that Pokemon fan in your life (or just buying for yourself), then you need to check out this adorable light-up Pikachu lamp that’s on sale now for a limited time! The best part? It’s only 10 bucks!

Ash has a pretty sweet deal: his best friend is not only adorable and fun to be around, but also a super-charged electric Pokémon that can help him win even the toughest of trainer battles. We’ve tried dressing our own best friends up in yellow, giving them a few batteries, and telling them to “Use Quick Attack!” but it’s really not the same. “

According to our friends over at ThinkGeek, “Instead of wallowing in our jealousy of Ash, we decided to create this Light-Up Pikachu so we can have one of our own (and you can, too). This adorable 7″ tall Pika-P is super effective at lighting up a dark spot, and when people see this little guy, they tend to light up, too. Whether you’re equipping a ten-year-old to start exploring the Kanto region on their own or you just want a powerful electric Pokémon for some adorable cubicle decoration, Light-Up Pikachu is here for you.”

  • Light-Up Pikachu
  • Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
  • Let Pikachu light up your little corner of the world
  • Perfect for any Pokémon trainer ages 6 and up
  • 10 minute auto shut-off
  • Before first use, pull demo cord from base of figure and turn on/off switch to On
  • Batteries: 3 LR44 button cell (included)
  • Dimensions: 7″ tall x 4″ wide x 4″ deep
  • Weight: 6 oz.

Interested in snagging one for yourself? Grab yours for 10 bucks right here!

Need even more Pokemon goodness in your life? Uh, yeah – why wouldn’t you? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with even more from our favourite pocket monsters:

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