Pokémon Let’s Go Announced For Nintendo Switch – Everything We Know So Far (VIDEO)

Pokémon Let's Go

The last few months have seen rumors of a Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, which will see the introduction of a new generation of Pocket Monsters in a new main-series adventure. Legitimate information about the titles were sparse to say the least, with some rumors getting debunked as fast as they were confirmed. We now have the official word from The Pokémon Company and developer Game Freak with the announcement of two games for the Switch: Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee.

The announcement trailer, which can be viewed below, showed off a look at the two titles’ gameplay, which seems to offer a mix of the usual Pokémon-collecting with a number of elements from Pokémon Go. Capturing sees a significant change as it largely resembles the timing-based mechanic in the mobile game, rather than the series’ traditional gameplay.

Battling, however, seems to be much more recognizable, but with a few interesting additions. For one, the game sees the introduction of a local multiplayer mode, which allows for two-player co-op while travelling the overworld Kanto region as well as during battles. Pokémon Let’s Go is also able to integrate with Pokémon Go, allowing players’ collections to transfer to the console game via the “Pokémon Go Park”.

Also shown off in the trailer was a very awesome Poké Ball-shaped controller that has much more functionality than one would assume. In addition to serving as a spherical Joy-Con for the Switch, the device has the ability of transferring and housing a Pokémon, allowing players to carry and interact with their digital pal in the real world. The Poké Ball can also interact back via the HD rumble feature, a flashing LED light, or just straight-up making noise from a miniature speaker.

The most apparent difference between the two versions of Pokémon Let’s Go is the titular Eevee and Pikachu, with either acting as the player’s sole starter Pokémon. Both will be customizable with multiple clothing options, such as with hats and sunglasses. Borrowing from one of the series’ early entries, Pokémon Yellow, one of these cute critters will also be able to visibly travel alongside players, either hanging from the player’s shoulder or riding on top of their head.

The ending of the announcement teases the arrival of a mysterious “Special Pokémon”, one that would introduce a brand new Pocket Monster to the series. Of course, before trainers would even have a chance to properly say “who’s that Pokémon?”, the video ends, keeping the mystery up in the air. For now. Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee will arrive for Nintendo Switch on November 16th.

What do you think? Are you excited to see such a unique Pokémon game coming out for the Switch, or should Game Freak have went with something more traditional? How awesome is the Poké Ball Plus controller? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more news about the Big N brand, check out these next few links:

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