Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Reveals New Trailer (VIDEO)

Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Reveals Nostalgic New Trailer (VIDEO)

There have been inklings of a remake for Pokemon: The First Movie (a.k.a. Mewtwo Strikes Back) for a while now, but all was finally confirmed earlier this year with the…

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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Reveals Adorable Pokemon Auditions (VIDEO)

It took some Pokemon fans a little warming up to do, but one of the most highly anticipated live-action films hits theaters this Summer. Premiering Detective Pikachu in May, Ryan…

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Pokemon Go Reportedly Adding Armored Mewtwo Soon

A new variation of Mewtwo might be on the horizon if a recent datamining reveal is to be believed. According to Twitter user known as Chrales, a recent file dig…

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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at Gyarados (VIDEO)

The live-action Detective Pikachu film has been showing off all manner of Pokemon, some appearing cute and cuddly –  while others come off as being straight up terrifying. Pokemon fans…

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ARGcast #151: Nintendo Handhelds with Andre Tipton

ARGcast: Nintendo Handhelds With ‘Real Otaku Gamer’ (PODCAST)

Now we’re playing with portable power as Andre Tipton of Real Otaku Gamer joins us to talk about Nintendo handhelds in history! Take us on the go, ARGonauts! Friend of…

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Detective Pikachu Cussing Gives Us More Life Than It Possibly Should

If you weren’t on board with the Detective Pikachu live-action slash animated hybrid film before, there are plenty of those who are now. Based on teasers since the film’s announcement,…

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Pokémon Sword And Shield Revealed With Stunning New Trailer and Adorable Starters (VIDEO)

The Pokemon Direct event was this morning and the team behind the franchise made a big debut! Coming later this year, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be released to…

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Detective Pikachu Reveals Pokémon-Filled New Trailer (VIDEO)

Detective Pikachu Reveals Pokémon-Filled New Trailer (VIDEO)

Following a pretty spectacular trailer a number of months ago, fans couldn’t say enough about the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, whether it be the hyper-realistic look of certain Pokémon or…

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Pokemon Direct

Pokémon Direct Set For This Week, Possible New Game Announcement

Pokemon fans are in for a treat, as Nintendo has announced a Direct presentation that is set to take place this week. In addition to this, it is very possible…

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Pokémon Go Team Change

Pokémon GO Team Change Feature Coming Next Week

It has been two and a half years since Pokemon GO first launched, and the game is still one of the most popular mobile games on the market. During its…

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