Pokémon Sword And Shield Release Date Set With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Pokemon Sword And Shield Introduces Jobs For Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield heads to the Nintendo Switch this November, the next iteration of the mainline series of the pocket monster role-playing adventure. Pokemon Trainers will enter the new…

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Fans Can’t Stop Comparing Weezing Galarian to a Bong

The anticipation for Pokémon Sword and Shield has been building throughout this year, thanks to the many gradual reveals that Nintendo has provided about the game. Veteran fans are eager…

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pokemon go team rocket 3 feat

Pokemon GO: Team Rocket Invades New York With More Evil Plans (VIDEO)

Team Go Rocket has invaded Earth! The past few days have proven exciting for avid Pokemon Go players when sightings of grunts were reported throughout the city of New York….

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Pokémon Go Blasts Off With New Team Rocket Event

Pokémon Go Blasts Off With New Team Rocket Event

It has been over three years since Pokemon Go first released, and the game continues to be one of the most popular and continuously played mobile games on the market….

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Game Boy

Game Boy History Hilariously Explained By ‘Lore In A Minute!’ (VIDEO)

It’s been quite some time since we featured a Lore in a Minute! video, but not as long as the history of the Game Boy. The team behind these hilarious…

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Limited Edition Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Lite Revealed

Nintendo took the internet by storm this week with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite. The new handheld-only version of their hybrid home/portable console comes favorably to many gamers…

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Pokemon GO Armored Mewtwo Raids Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Pokémon GO Armored Mewtwo Raids Coming Soon (VIDEO)

A modern remake of the first Pokémon movie is coming to theaters this year in Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, the film looking to adapt the original to a pretty close…

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Pokemon Masters

New Pokemon Masters Trailer Sheds Light On New Gameplay (VIDEO)

Pokemon Masters is an upcoming mobile title that will expand on the ever-growing franchise by bringing fans a new way to play while still offering plenty of nostalgia along the…

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Pokemon Red Region Recreated In Fortnite Creative Mode (VIDEO)

Whether or not you enjoy the Pokemon franchise, there’s no doubt it has become a pervasive icon in animation and video games. As with any popular game series, mash-ups are…

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Pokemon Go 3rd Anniversary Celebration Details Revealed

Each Pokemon trainer’s journey begins as a fledgling adventurer whose heart is prepared to be the very best and catch ’em all. With the launch of Pokemon Go a few…

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