Pokemon GO Developer Allegedly Files “Ungrounded” Complaint Against Lookalike Mobile Game

Pokemon GO Developer files complaint against Elyland LLC

While imitation may be considered to be the best form of flattery, Pokemon GO developer Niantic doesn’t seem to be particularly thrilled with developer Elyland LLC. According to Elyland, Niantic has filed an official complaint against Elyland for its similar-looking mobile game, Draconius GO. Elyland broke the news over on the Draconius GO website, in an article titled “Hurray! Fantastic news!” According to the Ukrainian developer, the complaint from the Pokemon GO developer is “ungrounded,” and Niantic’s complaint “shows that they consider us as a serious rival.”

Pokemon GO developer allegedly files complaint against Elyland LLC.

Admittedly, Elyland’s Draconius GO appears to have some striking similarities to Pokemon GO, especially in regards to visuals and both games’ overall objectives. That said, according to Elyland all of the game’s assets are completely original, and their title “offers a variety of game mechanics that were never used in other AR games.” The follow-up to the alleged complaint goes even further, stating that it hopes that their rivals “will start improving their own games instead of making complaints and ignoring their fans.”

However, we didn’t use their coding or graphics when developing our product, it’s absolutely original. The developers of this popular GO game seem to think that they own the exclusive rights for the whole AR genre. It’s not like that. We believe that the market and players will only benefit from healthy competition. When we developed this game, we consulted leading world class lawyers, and we are 100% certain that Niantic’s claim is unjustified. “

Pokemon GO developer allegedly files complaint against Elyland LLC

Elyland also posted the above image to prove that the developer isn’t fooling around, which features two of its attainable characters amidst multiple social media commentary, all of which favorably compares Draconius GO above Pokemon GO. It is currently unknown as to whether or not the Pokemon GO developer actually filed a complaint against Elyland, though if Elyland does in fact have “leading world class lawyers” at hand, Niantic may be in for a fight.

So, thoughts on the alleged mobile game rivalry? Do you think Niantic actually filed a complaint? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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