Niantic Has Reintroduced Raid Eggs in Pokemon GO – Are They Back for Good?

Raid Eggs

Pokemon GO has been evolving since its July 6, 2016 release. Niantic, the publisher behind the hit augmented reality game, seems to always be looking for ways they can improve the title and the experience players get each time they sign in. One of the more notable features to be added post-launch are Raids, and Raid Eggs would give players ample time to prepare for the fight. After being gone for some time, it seems that Niantic has brought that aspect back to the game.

Raid Eggs used to appear two hours before a Raid began, but when the Legendary Pokemon made their way to the game, the eggs were nowhere to be found. Without notice, Niantic took the feature away. Players would see them from time to time in place of Raid Bosses, but it is said that this was a glitch and that the eggs would disappear shortly after being seen. However, the Raid Eggs appear to be back for good this time. Well, until the publisher decides to take them away again.

Raid Eggs

Recently, many players were reporting that a Legendary Raid Egg had appeared over the Bay Bridge gym in San Francisco. This was more than likely a test considering the publisher is based out of SF, but it did get speculation flowing as to whether or not the mechanic would make its return for all players. Reactions are mixed, but a lot of people seem to appreciate the fact that they have reappeared, as is seen over on The Silph Road forum. Either way, the Bay Bridge Raid Egg happened to be a Raikou, and it seems the feature is back in full swing across the game for the time being. Everybody wins! For now, at least.

What say you, Pokemon masters? Have you been catching them all in the AR title? Are you glad that Raid Eggs have made a glorious return? Do you think Niantic is going to take the feature away again, or do believe they are back for good? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! Did you hear how The Pokemon Company CEO didn’t think the Switch was going to be successful? Read all about it right here!

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