PlayStation VR2 Design Revealed By Sony

PlayStation VR2 Design

Technology innovations have always been a core factor in the direction that the video game industry takes, with virtual reality being one such impactful factor in recent years for the industry. Along with the rise of VR headset manufacturers like Oculus and HTC, VR also extended to the world of video game consoles as well. The biggest foothold made by VR in the console space has been Sony’s PlayStation VR, with a follow-up iteration made for the PS5 having been confirmed to be in the works. Now, Sony has unveiled their official PlayStation VR2 design, showcasing the new headset and controllers.

Sony has unveiled their official PlayStation VR2 design with a new post on their official PlayStation Blog. Sony had previously unveiled the new PS VR2 Sense controllers, which improve upon the now decade-plus dated PlayStation Move controllers that had been paired to work for the original PS VR. These new controllers essential now act as controller joysticks with orbs surrounding the grip to sync with the three-dimensional simulations they will work with. Similarly, the newly revealed PS VR2 headset aims to reflect this three-dimensional, 360 degree mobility and flow to be experienced in VR. This design is also inspired by the PS5, as Senior Art Director Yujin Morisawa says:

The design of the PS VR2 headset was also inspired by the look of the PS5 family of products. When our design team created the PS5 console, they also had the next generation VR headset in mind so you’ll notice some similarities in the look and feel. The PS5 console has flat edges as it is meant to be displayed on a flat surface, while there was more emphasis on adding roundness to the design of PS VR2 headset since it is meant to have constant human contact, similar to the rounded edges of the DualSense controller and Pulse 3D headset.”

The blog post also confirms some improvements from the original PS VR in the PlayStation VR2 design. This new device includes a lens adjustment dial that can change the distance of the lenses from the user’s eyes. The PS VR2 is also slightly lighter than the original and has a vent that makes wearing the device cooler for the user’s head temperatures. Sony does not reveal a release window yet for the PS VR2, but it is quite likely that they will have an update regarding the device’s progress this year. For now, PS VR fans can rest easy knowing the next generation of PS VR is on its way.

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