First Street Fighter 6 Gameplay, New Modes Revealed (VIDEO)

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

The fighting game genre has made a significant impact on the video game industry since the days of its arcade origins. The genre has risen to be one of the most popular forms of multiplayer gaming, boosted by realms like fighting game conventions and esports competitions. One of the most iconic fighting game franchises is Street Fighter, with the game having crossed over numerous times with other franchises. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see more of Street Fighter 6 after its teaser trailer was released. Now, the first Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer has finally been revealed.

Sony released the new Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer on their official PlayStation YouTube channel, after having first premiered the trailer during its PlayStation State of Play presentation. The trailer begins with establishing shots of Times Sq- I mean, Metro City Square, leading into shots of Luke training at the gym. Luke was added as a DLC character in Street Fighter V, with the promise that he would play a big role in the new game. As Luke takes center stage in the new trailer, it would seem that Luke’s rise in the fighting scene of Metro City will be a big focal point of the game’s story mode called World Tour.

Street Fighter 6 gameplay

Metro City seems that it will be somewhat of an open world for the player to explore, with a bit of urban culture being reflected throughout the trailer and the game’s aesthetics. The Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer eventually shows gameplay in action, featuring new characters like Jamie, and classic characters like Ryu and Chun-Li. The fighting is seen in the traditional 2D style, making use of the hyper-realistic visuals of the RE Engine with a greater emphasis on cel-shaded colored energy effects.

As per the PlayStation Blog, a new type of Street Fighter 6 gameplay mode was also detailed, Real Time Commentary, which aims to replicate the energy of a professional esports match with pro commentary following along with any given fight. It was also teased that a new mode called Battle Hub will expand the scope of player communication and engagement. Street Fighter 6 certainly looks like it will be a bold step forward for the franchise, and hopefully, it delivers a Hadouken’s worth of a good time.

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