Next-Gen Horizon VR Game Announced For PlayStation VR2 (VIDEO)

Horizon VR game

After months of waiting, Sony has finally delivered more information about its long-promised next VR headset for the PlayStation 5. Details have been notoriously light after first being announced, and the internet has only filled itself with speculation in the near year since. Now officially calling it the PlayStation VR2, Sony also offered a nice initial peek at a new Horizon VR game in the works from Guerilla Games and Firesprite titled ‘Call of the Mountain.’

As showcased in the trailer above, Horizon: Call of the Mountain is a first-person VR experience that takes players on a new journey through the series’ ferocious machine-settled wilds. Over on the PS Blog, studio director Jan-Bart van Beek confirmed the game was “built specifically for PS VR2” and would “go deeper into the world of Horizon” from the perspective of “an entirely new character.” Though further details are being kept under wraps for now, van Beek assured fans would be able to “meet Aloy, other familiar faces, and new characters along the way.”

​”We’re looking forward to welcoming VR fans into our wonderful Horizon community, and giving you all an unforgettable experience.”

PlayStation VR 2 PS5 controller

Alongside the new Horizon VR adventure, Sony also divulged a nice pile of spec information for the PlayStation VR2. On a separate PS Blog entry, the device touts a “high fidelity visual experience” highlighted by its responsive next-gen Sense VR controllers. The headset itself also packs a punch, housing a 4K HDR OLED display with 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye and featuring support for 90/120Hz frame rates as well as a 110-degree field of view.

While it probably won’t be too crazy looking, the blog didn’t actually show what the new PS VR2 would look like. However, the device was confirmed to run on a simplified single-cord setup and would track motion through onboard cameras as well as utilize eye tracking for more subtle player movements. Headset Feedback, one of the neater inclusions of the device also sends small vibrations to players’ faces for an interesting new layer of immersion.

A full rundown of PlayStation VR2 specs can be viewed below.

PlayStation VR2 Specifications

  • ​Display method​: OLED
  • Panel resolution​: 2000 x 2040 per eye
  • Panel refresh rate​: 90Hz, 120Hz
  • Lens separation:​ Adjustable
  • Field of View:​ Approx. 110 degrees
  • Sensors:
    • ​Motion Sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer),
    • Attachment Sensor: IR Proximity sensor
  • Cameras:​ 4 cameras for headset and controller tracking​IR camera for eye tracking per eye
  • Feedback:​ Vibration on headset
  • Communication​ with PS5: USB Type-C
  • Audio:
    • Input: Built-in microphone
    • Output: Stereo headphone jack

PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers Specifications

  • Buttons:
    • Right: PS button, Options button, Action buttons (Circle / Cross), R1 button, R2 button, Right Stick / R3 button
    • Left: PS button, Create button, Action buttons (Triangle / Square), L1 button, L2 button, Left Stick / L3 button
  • Sensing/ Tracking:
    • Motion Sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope + three-axis accelerometer)
    • Capacitive Sensor: Finger Touch DetectionIR LED: Position Tracking
  • Feedback:
    • Trigger Effect (on R2/L2 button)
    • Haptic Feedback (by single actuator per unit)
  • Port: USB Type-C Port
  • Communication:​ Bluetooth Ver5.1​
  • Battery:​ Built-in Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery​

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