PlayStation 5 Console Officially Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

PlayStation 5 Console Design PS5

Gamers all across the world had their eyes fixed towards Sony’s digital media presence as their big PS5 presentation today promised “The Future of Gaming”, with a heavy focus on the games that will be coming to their next generation of video game hardware. While there was much excitement over new game announcements like a new Spider-Man game focused on Miles Morales, many were hoping to get a glimpse of what the new PS5 might look like. After more than an hour of new game trailers, Sony finally delivered with the final PlayStation 5 console design in all of its angular glory.

Sony released footage of the PlayStation 5 console design reveal on their official YouTube, shortly after the conclusion of the PS5 game presentation. The console is seen first in its upright form, with a much more curvy-edged design compared to previous launch versions of PlayStation consoles. It also noticeably features both white and black in its color schemes, as opposed to the black-only versions of launch consoles seen from Sony the past few generations. Both the console and the new DualSense controller also feature slim streaks of blue lights.

PlayStation 5 console design

In a follow-up surprise reveal, Sony also unveils the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 console design, which is essentially the same as the standard version, but with the disc drive removed. It seems that Sony is ready to join Xbox in the digital-only world of console variants. Also shown are the new accessories for the PS5, including the DualSense charging station, HD camera, wireless headset and media remote. Sony really came ready to share their big plans for the next generation of consoles today, and this seems like just the right thing gamers needed to look forward to for the end of this year.

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