A Closer Look at Mass Effect Andromeda’s Tempest: No Loading Screens Plus a Salarian Pilot!

Anyone who has played one of the previous Mass Effect games knows that navigating the Normandy has had varying levels of intuitiveness. having to deal with load times, or something to mask a load screen was common place in Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. Well as it turns out, Mass Effect Andromeda will not be plagued by load screens while you’re chilling in you stomping ground, The Tempest.

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We’ve already had the opportunity to meet a couple of the new cast members to the crew, and it appears that your pilot will be a Salarian this time around. All travel will be handled from the bridge in the Tempest instead of a map located in the center of the rig. At first, this would seem like an inconvenience, but with the news load times being absent, it shines a different light on the situation and certainly adds that Captain Kirk jenesequa.

“The whole look I wanted for the Tempest is that extremely cantilevered balance to the ship, so you have this very long, thin fuselage, but then the landing gear would be situated at the back. I love the image of that being parked on a cliff face – it’s almost like it’s on a perch, and you see the nose extending off the cliff face.”

The Tempest also brings some customization with it in Andromeda. Ryder will be able to change certain elements of the captains quarters to really make their self at home.  It also looks like the Nomad all terrain vehicle will be pimp-able with different paint jobs so the player can really show off their style.

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BioWare really went all out in attempting to immerse the player in the game with Andromeda. If Ryder decides to do some sightseeing and take in the view, the environment outside of the ship will change to accurately reflect the Tempest’s location.

“When you look out the window of the Tempest, you should see space out there, if you’re parked in front of a planet, you actually see that planet everywhere you go on the Tempest.”

It sounds like the Tempest is going to be much more interesting and far less frustrating without load times. Do you already have an idea of how you’ll dress up your captains cabin or what color you want to paint the Nomad? Let us know some of your ideas in the comments!

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