Sleeping Dogs 2 – The Game That Never Was, New Details Leaked

It is extremely unlikely that we will ever see a sequel to the underappreciated Sleeping Dogs, as the developer, United Front Games, no longer exists. The company imploded back in October of 2016, along with any hopes for Sleeping Dogs 2. That being said, it looks like Waypoint was able to dig through the rubble and find some cutting room floor concepts of what Sleeping Dogs 2 may have looked like were it ever born.

The game itself never actually made it to production, and was entirely conceptual at the time that the released documents were drafted. For those of us that are entirely masochistic and just want to imagine the game that could have been, the concept docs for Sleeping Dogs 2 begin by outlining the central concept of the game. It looks like the protagonist form the fist game, Wei Shen, would be returning with a new partner, Henry Feng, who embodies the “dirty cop” persona.

An opening scene consists of Wei and Fang talking together, discussing what the next step of an investigation should be. Deciding to split up and follow different leads, Wei’s thread will follow him as he busts heads for information, while Fang plants evidence by breaking into a suspect’s house. Depending on the character selected, the audience (and characters) will only see one side of the story until both threads are played. This gives us ample opportunity to explore both characters fully, and gives the player the revelatory experience of discovering both sides of the story.

The whole thing brings to mind images of the film Training Day, which to be honest, sound just awesome. The company also planned on releasing a companion app, for Sleeping Dogs 2, (similar to the Chopper App in GTA V) that let you control the police force on mobile device, and allowed you to see the effects of your progress directly in game.

sleeping dogs 2 app

United Front Games had other lofty goals for the game as well, including cooperative multiplayer and the ability to arrest any NPC in the city. Sadly, these are all just pipe dreams and there isn’t even anything tangible about Sleeping Dogs 2 that another presumptive studio could use to pick up where UFG left off.

Were you a fan of Sleeping Dogs? If you missed out on the title, it’s usually available for about 30 bucks at retailers, even less if used. Let us know in the comments if you pick up a copy, because it’s endearingly recommendable.

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