An Overwatch Reality – Watch Tracer’s Pulse Pistols in Action IRL! (VIDEO)

Pulse Pistols

It’s happened again! Another Overwatch weapon has been brought to life by an intrepid creator, and just like before, these things are the real deal! In a previous article on DFTG, we covered the creation of Reinhardt’s Rockethammer which was brought to stunning, and quite frankly, intimidating, life by The Hacksmith of YouTube. If you remember that hammer and the damage it caused to a poor Pontiac Sunfire (yes, a car!), you can only imagine what a laser pistol can possibly do to some hapless, random objects lying around!  That’s right, kids: Tracer, the portal-jumping fighter pilot’s, famous Pulse Pistols have crossed dimensions once again and entered our world, all thanks to another creative builder and some serious skills at the work bench. Check out the video below to see them in action!:

Okay, so these pistols can’t cause destruction and mayhem, but they still really work well! Built by LaserGadgets of Youtube, these pulse pistols are near duplicates of the in-game blasters visually, set with spinners on the sides, a hand-painted art job, and a replica trigger function. While the laser emitted from the weapon can’t exactly blow things up, you can  certainly cause some damage by setting things on fire or popping kids’ birthday balloons at your wicked leisure. Good thing these things aren’t for sale; imagine the struggle of trying to sneak these into your nearest convention! The real laser function and possible pyrotechnics definitely wouldn’t make it past the security decal!

Pulse Pistols

While it’s a shame that LaserGadgets isn’t making these by the dozen to sell to die-hard fans everywhere (imagine the killing he’d make with these things!), you can still show your true Overwatch fan-colors by ordering the new Overwatch Funko Pops, which were just announced this week. In the meantime, dream on gamers, and let the talented YouTubers of the world show us it’s possible to breathe life into our favorite games, even in some small way. Who knows? Maybe with a bit of elbow grease, and some know-all, in the future our games can become full-time reality!

So what do you think of this real-life replica of the deadly Pulse Pistols? Are you a Tracer fan? Who is your favorite Overwatch character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!


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