Overwatch - Lunar Event Skins

Overwatch Reveals Lunar Event Skins For Tracer, Orisa, And More (VIDEO)

The Lunar Event is nearly upon us in Blizzard Entertainment’s immensely popular shooter, which means plenty of new goodies are inbound. Fans are sure to enjoy all of the fresh…

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Overwatch Easter Egg Spotted On New South Park Episode

Despite being on the air for over two decades, South Park continues to find ways to be relevant, both in relation to current events as well as popular culture. We…

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Overwatch LEGO

Overwatch LEGO Sets Coming Soon, Teaser Revealed (VIDEO)

It was announced earlier this year that Overwatch LEGO sets were in the works, with Blizzard Entertainment teaming up with the popular brick-makers. While information has been scarce ever since,…

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Overwatch: Second Anniversary Marked With Adorable Stop-Motion Video (VIDEO)

Blizzard is gearing up to celebrate the second anniversary of Overwatch, which is May 24th. With the event beginning on May 22nd, developers wanted to do something special for the…

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Leaked Overwatch Insurrection Trailer Shows Off New Event Plus New Skins! (VIDEO)

Blizzard’s Overwatch is a popular shooter that took the gaming world by storm. No one, not even the developers, anticipated how much this title would take off in terms of…

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interactive Overwatch Comic

Tracer’s First Mission Featured in New Interactive Overwatch Comic

A new interactive Overwatch comic from Blizzard has been released dubbed “Uprising”, spinning the tale of the King’s Row uprising. Readers will get to see Tracer’s beginnings in Overwatch and get…

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Nendoroid Overwatch figure

The Adorably Tiny Cavalry is Here – New Nendoroid Overwatch Figure has Arrived

Calling all collectors, fans of Overwatch, the beautiful center of that Venn diagram, or just about anyone that enjoys adorable things: Tracer, here! The lightning fast, abundantly optimistic poster hero…

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Pulse Pistols

An Overwatch Reality – Watch Tracer’s Pulse Pistols in Action IRL! (VIDEO)

It’s happened again! Another Overwatch weapon has been brought to life by an intrepid creator, and just like before, these things are the real deal! In a previous article on…

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Lead Writer Michael Chu, Discusses the New Web Comic and Overwatch Diversity

A couple days ago we discussed the newest Overwatch comic, Reflections. We were very excited about the coming out of Tracer being one of the LGBT characters that we were…

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New Overwatch Comic ‘Reflections’ Reveals First Official LGBTQ Character, and Address Popular ‘Ship’ Theories

The most recent Overwatch comic released today is the tenth and final comic for the year of 2016, titled “Reflections.” It features most of the heroes in a very vulnerable or…

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