Latest Overwatch PTR Update Nerfs Mercy And Other Changes

Overwatch PTR Update

Blizzard just released the Overwatch PTR Update notes, which details the changes they plan to bring to the popular FPS. It should be no surprise to any fans of the series that the team plans to dampen Mercy’s abilities yet again. The developers believe that her ultimate Valkyrie could you some changes, to make it fair to other players. In addition to these significant nerfs to our winged healer, Junkrat is also receiving a cutdown. The crazed explosive expert will see a change in the way his concussion mine operates in-game, and hopefully that remains the extent.

Overwatch PTR Update

Take a look at the patch notes for the latest Overwatch PTR Update per Blizzard:



  • Concussion Mine
    • Will now deal less damage to targets farther away from the explosion’s center
  • Developer Comments:
    • Junkrat has been enjoying the flexibility his double-charge Concussion Mine provides, but it has now become a bit too easy to throw out huge bursts damage in a large area. With this change he can still dish out similar damage but he must now be more accurate with his tosses.


  • Valkyrie
    • No longer makes Resurrect instant
    • No longer grants a bonus charge of Resurrect
    • The speed boost that Guardian Angel receives has been decreased by 50%
    • Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Developer Comments:
    • Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her, but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes. Additionally, we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability.

Blizzard stated that they are like to be “iterating on these changes in the coming weeks”.

What do you think about the latest Over PTR Update? Do you think all these Mercy changes are making it difficult to master her? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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