New Soul Calibur VI Leak Hints At A Gay Series Regular, An Unlikely Switch Port, And More

Soul Calibur VI Leak

Remember that Soul Calibur VI leak last month that predicted that the game would be announced by the end of this year? Appropriately named Redditor Leakileaks was right on the money with the intel, and now he’s back for a second round of leaks that focuses on more new information about Bandai Namco’s upcoming Soul Calibur VI. Leakileaks tackles a few different subjects related to SCVI, the most important of which are the character roster, speculation regarding the possible Nintendo Switch version of the title, and a long-time series regular possibly being revealed as gay at some point within the game.  Below are the important parts of the Soul Calibur VI leak, with the more important parts bolded. The first section is in regards to a possible Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Let me just come out and say, what they were speculating over what lead to that Fire Emblem character speculation is no longer the case as more information came to light. Maybe you can connect the dots as to how and why. But it involves a Soul Calibur character. They also never formally and outright heard of a Switch version, other than it was “likely” but couldn’t personally confirm it and still can’t. Basically, the FE character speculation due to a certain detail they knew about was the only reason why the thought there might be one, but they found out later that it wasn’t who or why.

Does it kill the SCVI on Switch’s chances of existing? At the moment, let’s go with it is uncertain. But they could just be being coy like Bandai Namco has already been about DBFZ getting a Switch version, when that’s already in development. If SCVI for Switch is not revealed at the January Direct, then it’s either happening later as a port after the PS4, PC, and Xbox One release, or not at all. But I highly doubt it’s a “never” situation. I’d advise people to keep some hope to it happening eventually because there is OBVIOUS and loud fan demand for it. And if the SCVI on Switch source is reliable, then if the issues they’ve encountered for optimization are not deemed too bad and the performance can be kept up to snuff and runs right, then it will happen and release. Though it probably will wind up being an after-the-fact port, since DBFZ will be getting the same treatment.”

The next part of the Soul Calibur VI leak deals entirely with the character roster, which up until now has been kept in the dark, save for the characters shown in the game’s reveal trailer. Additionally, there is also speculation that a long-standing character in the franchise may be gay. It certainly bears no impact on the game, it is simply an interesting detail that is coming to light.

Characters that I’ve heard that will be a part of SCVI’s roster include Kilik (with the staff, obvious as to why now with how the timeline and is being handled), Xianghua, Maxi, Siegfried, Nightmare, Taki, Talim, Ivy, Cassandra, Astaroth, and Tira as well.

I heard that Zasalamel is “very likely” but signs are pointing a bit more to him possibly being DLC.

Story mode is mainly going to cover SC1, but events from Soul Edge/Blade, SCII, and SCIII will be present in some shape or form! Apparently “a lot of the SCIII-V characters will be reserved for DLC. Hilde is likely one of them.” And “most of Lost Swords’ cast will be in SCVI. You can pretty much deduce who will and who won’t. And as for the characters that weren’t on V, but were added to Lost Swords that will be in: Taki and Cassandra, obviously Sophitia who’s already confirmed, but probably not Mi-Na.”

I asked what’s up with Amy then since they didn’t say her name with those “characters that weren’t on V but added to Lost Swords” and they brought up the chance that she might just appear as Viola from now on, but they currently have no confirmation of that for sure.

Maxi might be gay on VI and tied to his story (his lover gets killed along with his crew by Astaroth)

As always, the latest Soul Calibur VI leak, as well as most others, should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, Leakileaks has an at least decent track record going for him in regards to leaks, so it may be worthwhile to pay heed to the messenger.

So, thoughts on the latest Soul Calibur VI leak? What other characters would you like to see return to the series? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for all the latest gaming and entertainment news! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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