Leaked Overwatch Art Indicates Next Comic’s Focus to be on Zarya

Leaked Overwatch Art

Overwatch recently received a new comic portraying the long awaited Doomfist as well as the spidery Widowmaker. New leaked Overwatch art indicates that the next character to get some spotlight is the Russian hero Zarya and a potential showdown with the stealthly hacker Sombra.

The image depicts Zarya defending an Omnic from thugs who appear to be from the Criminal Organization known as Los Muertos, represented by their logo in the background. This goes against her well-known disdain for Omnics and has led fans to come up with multiple theories. Many fans believe that the image indicates a prequel story which will show Zarya and the origins of her distrust. This also goes inline with previous comic plot points being set in the past.

Leaked Overwatch Art

Not only was Sombra part of Los Muertos for some time but she also has some indirect history with Zarya, which indicates that she may make an appearance in a Zarya comic. Russia isn’t on the best of terms with Sombra due to her involvement in the assassination attempt of Chairwoman Katya Volskaya. While Sombra herself aborted the assassination in favor of “making friends” with the Chairwoman through blackmail, Zarya was called in afterwards to plan retaliation against Sombra. Foreshadowing of a showdown between the two has been cast, will fans be seeing that story unfold in the form of comics?

Sadly, whether or not the image is legitimate remains to be seen. There has yet to be any confirmation of a source outside of multiple posts online, many showing that the leaked Overwatch art came from SDCC this year. No official information from the Blizzard camp has been released however that may soon change, keep your eyes on DFTG for updates on this potential Zarya comic.

Zarya recently received a decent buff in the latest patch making her Graviton Surge inescapable. Could fans be seeing the Russian hero rise in popularity soon? Is the leak legitimate? Let us know your thoughts on Zarya and the leaked Overwatch art in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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