OFFICIAL Announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming Fall 2017

Rockstar finally announced what we all suspected after a week of tantalizing teasers – the sequel to Red Dead Redemption is finally coming our way and it is dropping sometime in Fall of 2017!


The official announcement broke at 06:00 PT on the Rockstar’s Newswire and needless to say, after the build up? Totally worth it!

This epic tale will be be dropping sometime in Fall of 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems. That’s not all, they also announced the official trailer will be going live at 11 AM Eastern time on Thursday, October 20th!

We’ve got your covered! Tune in with DFTG as we will air the trailer live from the site so we can all rejoice together!

Sound off with your comments below!

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  • Josh Hogg Reply

    October 18, 2016 at 11:05 AM

    I cannot fathom why they wouldn’t do a PC release at the same time. Surely the success of the GTA5 PC release showed them that there is an avid fan-base. I’ll also be interested to see how much they gut it for an online model similar to GTAO.

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