The Creator of ‘Sleeping Dogs’ United Front Games Closing Down?

United Front Games (UFG), the creators of such games as the extremely popular Sleeping Dogs and ModNation Racers, is reportedly closing its doors forever.

United Front


Rumors are spreading like wildfire all over the internet and it all seems to be true. United Front Games first opened their doors in 2007 and are one of Vancouver’s largest, independent video game studios. Over the years United Front has collected many loyal fans who are truly heartbroken over this sudden new development. I went ahead and cruised on over to UFG’s Twitter account and found so many people leaving tweets expressing their major sadness over this whole situation. There doesn’t seem to be a dry eye in sight.

I personally couldn’t find any information at all about why United Front Games is closing down on their website and there has been no official announcement by the studio itself, but a few employees are leaking clues all over. Like this producer here expressing her heartache over the closing of UFG:

Another employee started the forum “RIP United Front Games” on the website NeoGAF stating, “Starting to leak out now. Big ups to my friends and former colleagues, it’s a tough go of it in the independent studio space. I’ll raise a pork bun this week in your honour.”

It’s pretty obvious to us that UFG is no more. We will just have to wait patiently for the studio to make a formal announcement. It is a very sad situation all around and we are sending good vibes to the former United Front Games employees and wish them the best. Keep checking in with Don’t Feed the Gamers while this story develops and let us know how you feel about this devastating news in the comment section below.

In other news, we finally have the official announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming to consoles Fall of 2017. Read the full story here.

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