No Man’s Sky Creator Discusses Latest Update, Google Stadia’s Potential

No Man’s Sky Creator Discusses Latest Update, Google Stadia's Potential

Much of the attention in the video game industry right now is focused on games with ongoing updates, as well as the ability to stream video games in the future. One game that continues to provide updates is No Man’s Sky. While many believed the title under-delivered upon its promises at its launch, Hello Games has sought to make good on these promises, which its massive NEXT update for No Man’s Sky. Now, the title is promising even more features with its latest content drop, No Man’s Sky Beyond. Hello Games’ Sean Murray has now provided some comments regarding this update, as well as the prospects of Google Stadia.

Sean Murray recently spoke with GameInformer about the latest No Man’s Sky update and the future for the game. Beyond will add new facets of multiplayer, as well as VR support and an unnamed third feature to the always growing title. Murray does not specify how many simultaneous players the update’s multiplayer will allow for, but he does state that his teams have consisted of four teammates when playing the game. He seems to prefer holding the specific details close to the chest, considering the backlash that came from the game’s launch. When asked about the next generation of gaming, Murray expressed interest especially in the recent Google Stadia announcement. As he states regarding the Stadia’s promised capabilities:

What I think would be really interesting would be to hear about gaming experiences that couldn’t have been before. It’s cool to hear 10 teraflops, right? It’s exciting. I think a vast majority of people don’t know what that actually means. Having cooler particle effects is great, having 4K or 8k is great, having better anti-aliasing is all cool, but I think all of us would be interested to know what experience I could have that I couldn’t have before.”

While Murray does express optimism about the Stadia’s potential, he does retain some caution about its ability to deliver on its promises, and whether or not audiences will respond in kind. Surely, Murray is all too familiar with how such ambition can be. Hopefully the Stadia doesn’t have any dilapidated chicken dinosaurs of its own when its time to shine comes.

What do you guys think about these comments from the No Man’s Sky creator? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest No Man’s Sky news, such as the No Man’s Sky Beyond trailer, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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