Google Stadia Shutting Down After Three Years

Google Stadia

With internet technology evolving over the course of the most recent gaming generations, the reliability of streaming software for gaming has progressed and become increasingly utilized by companies in the gaming space. Microsoft and Sony have bet big on game-streaming with their Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now services. Even outsider companies like Google tried to get in on the trend in recent years. Google Stadia was met with some celebration and skepticism at its launch, though the attention both good and bad had seen a steady decline over the past three years. Now, it appears that Google has finally decided to pull the plug on Stadia once and for all.

Google updated its official blog with a new post by Vice President and General Manager Phil Harrison regarding the future (or lack thereof) for Google Stadia. Harrison has confirmed that after three years of service, Stadia will begin the process of being shut down. Stadia services will be available until January 18th, 2023, allowing players time to finish their last playthroughs of games on their library through the service. Since Stadia is an online-requiring service, any Stadia hardware including consoles and controllers will be rendered useless after that point. Google has confirmed that they will begin refunding any players who purchased such hardware, with their intent to have most of the refunds issued by the time Stadia shuts down completely in January.

Google Stadia

Google has suggested that to some extent, the technology and innovations used for Google Stadia will be put to use in other Google products and services, including YouTube, Google Play, and its Augmented Reality projects. They also have intentions of getting back into the gaming business in some fashion down the road. Stadia first launched in November 2019 and impressed many with its streaming of games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Hopefully, players found it a fun little piece of gaming history that now must go the way of the Apple Pippin and OnLive.

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