Watch the Newest Halo 5 Teaser Trailer from the Upcoming DLC Here! (VIDEO)

Halo 5 isn’t down for the count yet as 343 Industries continues to provide support and extra content for the latest in the franchise. Though Halo 6 is currently on the table, that isn’t the sole focus of the developers behind this popular shooter. We know that there will be knew maps, new weapons, and more on the horizon for Halo 5 but 343 is being uncharacteristically mum about specific details. That is, until now … check out the small Halo 5 teaser trailer they released on Twitter earlier:

The newest expansion is not alone, however. Halo 5 already has 9 free DLC packs under its belt with the latest dropping back in September: Anvil’s Legacy. Previous expansions also include:

  • The Battle of Shadow and Light
  • Cartographer’s Gift
  • Infinity’s Armor
  • Hammer Storm
  • Ghosts of Meridian
  • Memories of the Reach
  • Hog Wild
  • Warzone Firefight

Warzone Firefight will be getting a few add-ons with this latest DLC that is expected to drop soon as well as new Forge canvases, improvements to the spectator experience, and live custom games. All of this will be available for Xbox One players as well as PC gamers with Windows 10.

You can read more about the hints that 343 Industries has dropped about the upcoming expansion here as well as the improvements made to the Zombie Playlist that features amazingly intricate and creative maps created by the community.

It may have been brief, but that’s how it goes with teaser trailers. What about fans of the Halo franchise? Share your thoughts on the Halo 5  teaser trailer above in the comment section below, we’d love to see what the Halo community thinks about the latest installment and all of its additional content.

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