343 Industries Verifies Server Updates and Hints New Maps for Halo 5

With Halo 5: Guardians reaching just over 1 year since its launch, this action packed first person shooter (FPS) is still at the forefront of 343 Industries game priorities. For over a decade now the Halo franchise has been synonymous with success as far as Microsoft Exclusive games are concerned and 343 Industries has no intention to let that slip.

In the latest Halo Waypoint news forum post by 343 Industries Community Manager, Ske7ch, we can see that they are still hard at work maintaining and improving the player experience for Halo 5’s online multiplayer community.

I think there are a few different underlying issues that parts of the player base have experienced that have been lumped into “fix the servers!” Overall the online experience for Halo 5 is pretty great but the team is aware of a few specific issues that seem to be increasing in prominence. As a commitment to sustaining a fun and enjoyable online experience along with a consistent and fair competitive landscape, the team is actively investigating these reports. In fact, I’m told there will be a very small update pushed out tentatively as early as next week that’s strictly under-the-hood work to further assist in identifying the root causes of reported instances of higher-than-usual latency, disconnects as well as melee registration to help facilitate a fix. I expect to be able to share more on this front in the coming days.

343 Industries

Amidst the excellent news that 343 has not let Halo 5 fall to the wayside, we also have been given a peek into the possible future of what Halo 5’s Multiplayer has to offer. Ske7ch indicated, without giving away any specific details, that a “Classic Playlist” may be in the works to bring our favorite maps from past Halo games to the Halo 5 multiplayer arena.

Can we expect a classic playlist anytime soon? There are some amazing remakes on the Waypoint Classic Remake Submission Forum.

No kidding! Uny has already shown me some incredible remakes that really nail the Halo: CE feel. I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder but it’s safe to say you can expect a classic playlist relatively soon and at which point I fully expect “Why isn’t X, Y or Z in the classic playlist!? and when will the classic playlist be updated!?”

For fans of the Halo series, it is reassuring to know that this beloved franchise is in good hands and that 343 Industries is doing what they can to accommodate for their fan-base as well as keep the game going strong! Personally we are excited to see the possibility of the classic Halo maps coming to Halo 5. What was your favorite classic multiplayer map/ playlist? Check out more Halo 5 news here at Don’t Feed the Gamers. And remember, Spartans Never Die!

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