Planet Coaster Announces Significant Update Before Launch (VIDEO)

Planet Coaster

What is surely to become the preeminent roller coaster/theme park simulator of our time, Planet Coaster is set to bring you the chills and thrills you so desire. Build your parks up high and mighty, be the premiere destination for your guests, or break everything! Want to launch a roller coaster into a crowd of people? It sounds like a terrible thing to do, and you may not feel too proud afterward, but go for it! Now that Frontier Developments has released a significant beta update within a few days of launch, you’ll be able to do even more than you imagined!

The beta update appears to be tackling everything. From balloons and new entertainers to more rides and your park area being more than 2.5 times bigger, Planet Coaster seemingly refuses to disappoint! The entire list of beta update details can be seen below along with the official launch trailer. If you’re looking to pick up Planet Coaster, you can grab the pre-purchase from Steam with 10% off through November 17.

  • New Rides: Rolling River, Invincible, Chair-O-Plane  
  • Balloon Shop Addition 
  • More Shop Expansions 
  • Two New Entertainers: Miss Elly and Tiki Chicken
  • Help System 
  • Scenario Balancing to Pirate Battles and Monolith
  • UI Flow Improvements
  • More Lights Hooked Up to Coaster Trigger System
  • VIP Staff Pass Now Supports Facial Hair 
  •  Frame Rate Optimisations
  • Stability and Compatibility Improvements
  • Boids 
  • Area Expansion Over 2.5 Times Bigger Than Ever Before

For the full message regarding the notes disclosed in the beta update, you can see the complete list and explanations here.

What say you, gamers? Any of you intend on getting Planet Coaster? You’ll have to let us know what you think about the game and how it compares to the classic Roller Coaster Tycoon. OH! Speaking of awesome, have you seen the trailer for the live action Fullmetal Alchemist film?! It’s everything you want from a trailer. It tells you what it is, gives you a glimpse of the film itself without giving away anything important, and it downright looks fantastic! You definitely need to go check it out! Don’t forget to drop a comment below and be sure to stick around with Don’t Feed the Gamers because you know we bring you the news exactly how you want it.

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