New PS5 Leak Reveals Another Look At The DualShock 5

New PS5 Leak Reveals Another Look At The DualShock 5

The multitude of developers testing out the PlayStation 5 likely have quite a bit of self control (and NDA’s) that are keeping them from revealing juicy new morsels to the public, though it appears that one such developer cares just a bit less about keeping things behind closed doors. A new PS5 leak has surfaced from said developer that shows off another look at the PS5 dev kit, as well as providing us with another good look at the DualShock 5.

As reported by the folks at gamesradar+, the new PS5 leak comes by way of AllGamesDelta on Twitter, which tweeted out a new photo of the PS5 dev kit from an anonymous developer. Said photo incidentally also gives us a great look at the DualShock 5 in all its glory, which can be seen on top of the dev kit on the right side of the picture. Check it out below:

There seems to be quite a lot to look forward to in the DualShock 5. As enjoyable as I’ve personally found it to be, the light bar from the DualShock 4 is seemingly gone, with Sony also adding on adaptive triggers in the place of the normal L2 and R2 buttons. The DualShock 5 will also feature haptic feedback, which will be used by each individual developer to create immersive feedback depending on the game. Given how increasingly rampant these PS5 leaks seem to be coming, here’s hoping Sony will come forward with an official reveal sooner rather than later.

The PS5 is slated to release in Holiday 2020.

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