Are These Overwatch Heroes an Item? These New Voicelines Might Convince You!

Thanks to good ol’ Reddit, some new voicelines from a recent Public Test Realm (PTR) update were datamined and highlighted as possible proof of romance between our favorite healer Mercy and the cyborg Genji. In the Overwatch subreddit thread, user Akhanubis showed 3 new voicelines between Overwatch heroes Mercy, Genji, and the arrow slinging Hanzo. In the first clip, Genji asks Hanzo for some chocolate and Hanzo shoots him down.

Then Mercy lets Genji know that she has some special Swiss chocolate just for him and then Genji intimately calls Mercy by her actual name, Angela, and asks if she’d like to share.

In the final clip between the Overwatch heroes, Genji returns the favor and gives Mercy chocolates that he bought her and seems embarrassed that they are not Swiss to which Mercy seems slightly disappointed about, but accepts warmly.

These characters have never been this friendly towards each other in the game and some fans believe this is proof of a blossoming romance. In the recent Overwatch Holiday comic, there were also speculations that Mercy and Genji appeared to be sending each other love letters. Of course there are fans who love the idea of “Gency” (Genji/Mercy) and have even been making up back stories like that Mercy had nursed the broken Genji while he got used to his brand new cyborg body and they had grown close.

Overwatch heroes
Other fans are not too happy about these Overwatch heroes being an item and would rather see Mercy with anyone else. They took to Twitter announcing their disappointment:

Overwatch has had a widely successful track record so far with their holiday events with both their Halloween and Christmas patches. Does this potential romantic link point to a Valentine’s Day event in the near future? Speculation, of course, but with how fun the previous ones were, fans of the game can certainly hope.

Do you think these Overwatch heroes are a thing? Would you be excited for Gency or would you rather Mercy was with someone else? How about another popular ship that has been announced officially: Tracer and her lovely girlfriend, Emily? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for all your gaming news.

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