Doctor Strange Works His Magic in Mobile Gaming – Top Marvel Games on the Go

It is no secret that Marvel has been ruling the big screen for years now, making comic books fans extremely happy to see the heroes they grew up with on the big screen. From The Avengers, to Deadpool and his whirlwind success in the box office – it is certainly a good time to be a fan of Marvel Comics. The latest character to be brought to life was none other than the Master of the Mystical Arts himself, Doctor Strange.

The film adaptation of our favourite egotistical surgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange, had a controversial start with its casting but nevertheless managed to “wow” movie goers with a compelling story and intricate character portrayal by none other than esteemed actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. With its success comes a plethora of merchandise for fans to delve into as well as a new way to experience this iconic character: gaming.

From Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Marvel Heroes, even LEGO Avengers, there are tons of ways to become fully immersed into the Marvel-verse. But it’s not just traditional video games that have seen an influx in this trend – the mobile gaming market has continued to grow, as well. In fact, Marvel’s heroes are so popular that they can be found even in online casinos such as the latest Marvel Slots Game.

Here are DFTG’s Top Picks to carry your love for Doctor Strange on the go with these mobile games:

Marvel Contest of Champions:

Fight solo or battle against your friends in this epic versus-fighting action game that lets you play as or against notorious villains and heroes alike. I’ve got to show off my insane Spider-Gwen skills, you know! Spider-man vs. Deadpool, Hulk vs. Wolverine, the sky is the limit.

Contest of Champions lets you build your dream team with a healthy mix of bad guys and heroes, allowing for variety in making the play experience uniquely your own. Rack up your skills by pairing up these iconic characters to have the most powerful team at your disposal.

Here are just a few of the champions you can master:

  • Doctor Strange (of, course)
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Deadpool
  • Wolverine
  • Magneto
  • Winter Soldier
  • Thanos

And much, much more! This game is currently available on Google Play and the iOS store.

Marvel Tsum Tsum

This game was a pick because let’s face it, look at them! They are adorable! And how many times do you see a picture of Venom and go, “aw!”? Tsum Tsum is simple – to win, simply connect three or more of the same Tsum Tsum to erase them. Like Candy Crush, but fun.

Doctor Strange and the Ancient One were the two most recent additions to this Marvel game and includes many of the heroes and villains we know and love: Venom, Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Starlord, and more. This game can be downloaded either on Google Play or the iOS store.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

With Puzzle Quest, the player can build their own team much like in Contests of Champions. Mix heroes, villains, or have a team of nothing but one or the other: your call. Hulk, Deadpool, Thor, and more all await your instructions as you battle your way through multi-level match-three puzzles. An enjoyable way to exercise your mind and play as your favourite Marvel characters.

This mobile game is available on Google Play, iOS store, and on Steam for PC players. And yes, it is free to play on all platforms, which is always a good thing.

Those are just a few of our picks, there are many more out on the market such as Marvel Heroes 2016, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Slots, and Marvel Avengers Academy. No matter what your playstyle is, there is always something to play when thinking of your favourite Marvel character – even the Doctor himself.

Which games have you played that feature Mr. Strange? Do you have a favourite? Join in on the discussion in the comment section below and let us know the best way you’ve found to combine your love of comics and gaming. Need a little more Doctor Strange in your life? Check out our full review of the latest Marvel film right here.

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