Netflix Announces Acquisition of Comic Book Company Millarworld

Millarworld acquisition

With Netflix being one of the biggest and most influential new forces in the modern entertainment industry, one of the more interesting facets of its business news has revolved around its frequent announcements for new exclusive programming, both those that are developed internally and those that are produced in partnership with other studios while utilizung pre-existing intellectual properties. However, given these many collaborations with other companies, Netflix has yet to make an acquisition of another company to own a popular property and make original content including it. Now, it appears that Netflix is finally making that new step forward with their new Millarworld acquisition.

Netflix has officially acquired the comic book publishing company Millarworld named after its founder and owner Mark Millar. Under the publishing company, Millar created and released original comic franchises such as Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman, all of which were adapted into feature films that collectively grossed over $1 billion at box offices worldwide. Millar also wrote many years for Marvel comics and crafted the comic storylines that were later crafted into successful films such as Captain America: Civil War and Logan. Of course, this acquisition does not include those properties, as Fox and Disney own the TV and film rights to those Marvel characters.

Netflix has confirmed that they intend to use Millarworld’s characters to create new, original films and television series based on their franchises. It was not revealed which franchises would begin new projects first or whether they will be tied at all to the previous film incarnations of the franchises, but fans can still expect expertly-crafted stories and plenty of “Kick-Ass”-ery. What do you guys think about Netflix’s Millarworld acquisition? Let us know in the comments below!

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