The Necromancer Class Announced for Diablo 3, at Last! (VIDEO)

The Diablo series has had a multitude of ups and downs since the release of Diablo 3. With new class announcement, it may just revitalize the fan base of the Diablo series.

Many players who adored the Diablo 2 installment have been pleading for the Necromancer class to come to D3 for years. Especially since the release of the Crusader class was met with disappointment, many players were insistent. That, and there was a high demand for different gear sets, and a redux of current gear – some of which they definitely did. Finally, though, Blizzard gives in with this beautiful trailer:

Players also saw concept art for the Necromancer class on Blizzard’s website a few days ago, and have been rolling in their graves since. Yes, pun.

Blizzard is all too familiar with the criticism regarding Diablo 3 characters, jabbing at the fact that they will be releasing this class after extensive research and evaluation from player commentary. Along with news of the long awaited release of the Necromancer class, Blizzard also mentioned that they will be adding a patch to include the ability to play the original Diablo on D3. The patch includes the original soundtrack, special graphics filters, and 8 directional movement come next week to their PTR (Public Test Realm).

Also, did you hear about the rumors about a Diablo 4?

What do you think of Blizzard’s handling of class releases? Are you excited for the Necromancer class? Do YOU think this will revitalize the fan base for the Diablo series?

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