Check Out the New Weapons – and the Gunlance – in Latest Monster Hunter World Gameplay Video (VIDEO)


The Monster Hunter franchise is one that has an incredibly loyal fanbase and when the big E3 showing of the next title in the series hit, players worldwide were stunned by the fluidity and the different monsters shown. Monster Hunter: World dropped a new video recently during a Capcom presentation and this time, the focus was all about weaponry. In the video below, we do get a good look at some of the updated weapons in the title, including a weapon known as the Gunlance. Check out the video below to see the updated acrobatics, fight styles, and weapons that will be gracing the long awaited game in the near future:

From the looks of things, the Gunlance looks like a hybrid of a rocket launcher and a spear, which could be useful in taking down monsters from a great distance (or when an average, melee weapon just doesn’t seem to cut it). If that’s the case, then “gun-lance” is an apt name for such an interesting, and quite explosive, tool of destruction. According to shockwave1211, who posted the video originally on Reddit, Capcom will be revealing a more official look at the updated weapons and combat moves in the near future, which could only mean that as the hour draws closer for Monster Hunter: World’s release, quite a bit of marketing will be employed. Upon seeing this Reddit user’s post, it seems that Capcom has promised a release of 14 videos, showcasing the new weapons that will be available in the game and turning up the hype for the title. While the game is certainly a long ways off from release, we still can’t wait to see what other information comes out about the game in the coming months!

Thoughts on the reveal of the Gunlance during the recent Capcom showing? How many think that this weapon may be the best in the game? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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