Modder Creates Handheld GameCube and Wii Device (VIDEO)

Handheld GameCube

The modding community has made many creations to marvel at, from an NES made out of a toaster to a Game Boy SP that works as a Nintendo Switch dock. Now, one modder has found a way to let players bring GameCube and Wii games on the go. Their new PiiWii device is a handheld GameCube and Wii game player that functions better than any of their previous work.

Shank Mods has released a video detailing their handiwork on their official YouTube channel. They have dubbed the device the PiiWii, as it is a compressed version of the Wii hardware encased in a small Game Boy Advance-like shell. The screen is 3.5″ and the button layout is similar to the GameCube controller, even using some buttons from the original peripheral. It took Shank Mods about 3 years to get the PiiWii operating, but seeing all of the games that it can run, it works like a charm.

You may have noticed that the PiiWii is too small to house a Wii or even a GameCube disc reader. Well, that is because games are loaded onto the device with a 128 GB flash drive. For fans looking to see how the PiiWii was made, Shank Mods has provided a worklog of their progress on the PiiWii over the years, and there are forums for fans looking to make their own modded portable device. This is quite a sight to behold, and one can imagine the fun of finally being able to play Cooking Mama on a plane.

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