Nintendo Switch sales

Nintendo Switch Sales Reach 100 Million, Surpassing Wii

Nintendo has had a successful time in the video game industry for nearly four decades, the company has only continued to endure. While it has ebbed and flowed, Nintendo’s console…

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Among Us Super Smash Bros

Among Us Invades Super Smash Bros. With This New Mod (VIDEO)

Over the years, Super Smash Bros. has gained a bit of a reputation for its massive lineup of characters that exist in various third-party series’. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently…

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Nintendo Wii GameBoy Color Mod

This Game Boy Color-Inspired Wii Is Absolutely Gorgeous (VIDEO)

Modders sure are a talented bunch, whether it’s those who create intriguing experiences in-game or those who work with a more physical medium. That said, how does a Nintendo Wii…

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Shakedown Hawaii Wii Wii U

Shakedown: Hawaii Is Releasing For Wii And Wii U (VIDEO)

Since first launching just year, retro-themed action title Shakedown: Hawaii has seen its availability spread across several prominent platforms, including such underrepresented devices as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS….

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Handheld GameCube

Modder Creates Handheld GameCube and Wii Device (VIDEO)

The modding community has made many creations to marvel at, from an NES made out of a toaster to a Game Boy SP that works as a Nintendo Switch dock….

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Super Mario Galaxy

Throwback Thursday: Super Mario Galaxy – An Odyssey Among The Stars

On November 12, 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was released for the Wii. The game brought our favorite Italian plumber to the far reaches of space to once again save Princess…

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Contra Rebirth

Konami Reportedly Looking To Bring Castlevania, Contra, And More To Nintendo Switch

While Konami has been busy developing elsewhere as of late, some of their most prestigious franchises have been largely on the sideline this console generation. Classic platforming names such as Castlevania…

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Wii Remote Patent Lawsuit

Nintendo Loses Big Over Wii Remote Patent Lawsuit

Given the relatively recent emergence of the video game industry, the commonality of lawsuits occurring among major companies in the sector are quite common. Nintendo especially have seen their fair…

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