World of Warcraft player

World Of Warcraft Player Raids With A Piano (VIDEO)

For more than a decade, World of Warcraft has endured as the top MMORPG synonymous with the genre, and one of the most vibrant gaming communities on the planet. Even…

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DOOM Modder Makes The Game Playable On A Pregnancy Test (VIDEO)

DOOM Modder Makes The Game Playable On A Pregnancy Test (VIDEO)

As gaming has evolved and grown in its connection to the internet, modders have seen their creations evolve and increase in their individuality. Modders have had their fascination with specific…

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Lego Bionicle

This LEGO Bionicle Fan Game Is 6 Years In The Making (VIDEO)

With the coronavirus quarantine keeping many gamers sheltered in their homes, creatives have had the time to take full advantage of expressing their ideas and fandoms for over a month…

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Handheld GameCube

Modder Creates Handheld GameCube and Wii Device (VIDEO)

The modding community has made many creations to marvel at, from an NES made out of a toaster to a Game Boy SP that works as a Nintendo Switch dock….

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Toaster NES Console Mod

Modder Creates Completely Functional NES Console Out Of A Toaster

It should be well known by now that the creativity of the modding community knows no bounds especially when it comes to Nintendo fans. Whether it’s a console mod that…

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Super Famicom Themed Nintendo Switch

Modder Makes a Super Famicom Themed Nintendo Switch

In the relatively short history of the Nintendo Switch so far, the console has greatly sparked the creativity of the Nintendo fan community in regards to what the new hybrid…

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Nintendo Switch dock

Modder Repurposes an Old N64 Console into a Brand New Nintendo Switch Dock (VIDEO)

Nintendo fans are very well-known for the fondness for the Nintendo consoles of years past. We’ve been seeing many mock ups on the web of various Nintendo Switch fan designs…

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PS4 Slim Laptops

Modder Makes PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim Laptops (VIDEO)

Gamers are preparing themselves for the Nintendo Switch, the home video game console built with the intention to be played on the go, which offers a potential gaming experience the…

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