Modder Creates Completely Functional NES Console Out Of A Toaster

Toaster NES Console Mod

It should be well known by now that the creativity of the modding community knows no bounds especially when it comes to Nintendo fans. Whether it’s a console mod that is made to look like a classic Nintendo console, Super Famicom, or one that even uses an old Nintendo 64 as a Switch dock, the Internet has seen it all. While the web has also seen the likes of the Nintoaster before, one person’s new toaster NES console mod might just remind the community of a classic NES modding tradition that embodies the spirit of gamer culture.

Reddit user MrBananaHump has posted images of their toaster NES console mod from all throughout their process of turning the Sunbeam kitchen appliance into a fully functional console. This comes after MrBananaHump has also shown a previous modding experiment that utilized an Easy Bake Oven. Many commenters on the Reddit post have acknowledged that there have been “Nintoasters” seen in the internet before. Perhaps most notably seen in several Angry Video Game Nerd episodes, but considering those mods are several years old, this particular project might help breathe new life into the classic modding practice.

This mod is similar to previous Nintoasters such as having the same cartridge slot positioning in one toast slot with the power and reset buttons nestled in the other toast slot. Some special features include AV cable openings on the side, an optional power button via the toaster’s lever and even red LED lights inside the cartridge slot that makes the toaster look like its blackening a Battletoads cart as it plays. What do you guys think? Are you intrigued by this toaster NES console mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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