Minecraft Feud Between Servers Results In Numerous School Bombing Hoaxes

Minecraft Feud

A Minecraft feud between multiple servers hosting the popular game has escalated to the point where it has resulted in hundreds of schools in the United Kingdom being forced to evacuate. According to information obtained by Sky News, roughly 24,000 emails containing bomb threats were sent out to schools and colleges in the UK. Police looked into the threats and deemed that they were not credible, though around 400 schools were still evacuated as a precaution.

According to Sky News, the threatening emails were doctored in such a way that they appeared to originate from a Minecraft server called VeltPvP. The emails were in actuality sent from a different server, part of the ongoing Minecraft feud between VeltPvP and the instigators of the hoax, who have chosen to remain anonymous. While speaking to Sky News, one of the hoaxers claimed that those in charge of VeltPvP were engaging in illegal activities, which apparently was what spurred the massive bomb threat hoax. When Sky News asked if the hoaxer regretted causing schools to be evacuated and scaring children and parents, they responded saying that “it’s not the nicest thing” and the reactions from some of the schools “showed failures on their part.”

When Sky News attempted to dive deeper into the Minecraft feud between servers, the hoaxer revealed that the VeltPvP server leadership was guilty of launching DDoS attacks against other servers. “What that network has done is horrible,” the hoaxer said. Maybe, but, bomb threats are much worse.

When Sky News spoke with VeltPvP chief executive Carson Kallen about the accusations, he stated that they were “completely false” and that he hopes those responsible for the bomb threat emails are caught. He also revealed that this isn’t the first time VeltPvP has been the target of nefarious activity, revealing that he has in the past been swatted multiple times.

Minecraft is now available on all major platforms.

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