Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void DLC Takes Players To The End, Literally

Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void

Outputting an expansive handful of expansions in the year since launch, Minecraft Dungeons is now setting up the conclusion of its Season Pass content in the form of ‘Echoing Void.’ Announced on the official series blog, Minecraft’s ominous realm of the Endermen, The End, is set to be a fitting final stage for the dungeon crawling spin-off, with players teased to “take the fight to the presumed home turf of the Endermen.”

Scheduled to release on July 28th, Echoing Void serves as the culmination of Minecraft Dungeons’ multi-part story arc, with players facing “bold new enemies,” collecting “legendary gear,” and confronting “challenging missions” and “untold threats” that “lurk in the dark dimension in which Endermen reside.” While fans can likely expect familiar mobs such as Endermen, Shulkers, as well as the setting’s supreme Ender Dragon to show up somewhere, the DLC also looks to offer a variety of new enemy types to better deliver on a fresh experience.

As the days get closer to Echoing Void’s release, more information is sure to be revealed about the expansion, including what to expect in terms of gameplay. However, in the meantime, Mojang has detailed a bit about the free content update arriving alongside the DLC. Presenting a trio of new enchantments (Ambush, Shadow Blast, and Void Strike), the update also brings the new Gauntlet of Gales mission, which is described as a challenging gauntlet that “puts your skills to the test through tricky trials and perplexing puzzles.”

Though Echoing Void marks the end of Dungeons’ current Season Pass content, the dev team assures more DLC will be released sometime later in the future, teasing “one thing at a time” in the official announcement. With that said, the storied fight against Arch-Illager and the Orb of Dominance is nonetheless being collected into an all-in-one release titled Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition. Featuring the base game and all prior expansions in a single package, the “Ultimate” collection will be available on July 28th for all current platforms.

Minecraft Dungeons is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, ​​as well as PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility.

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