Minecraft 'Update Aquatic' Coming Soon To Legacy Consoles

Next Minecraft ‘Aquatic’ Update Confirmed As Last For Legacy Consoles

The gaming phenomenon that is Minecraft just keeps chugging away, with one of the game’s more recent additions being a purchasable skin pack featuring characters and monsters from Final Fantasy XV….

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Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Announced For Minecraft

Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack Announced For Minecraft

The first time we saw prince Noctis and friends was on the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XV, which featured stellar graphics that made excellent use of Sony’s at-the-time latest…

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Minecraft Nintendo Switch Achievements

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Achievements Discovered, Tied To Xbox Live

Nintendo’s hybrid console has been taking the gaming world by storm for over a year, and there is no denying the success it has achieved in such a short time….

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Minecraft Feud

Minecraft Feud Between Servers Results In Numerous School Bombing Hoaxes

A Minecraft feud between multiple servers hosting the popular game has escalated to the point where it has resulted in hundreds of schools in the United Kingdom being forced to…

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Ark: Survival Evolved Debuts Minecraft-Inspired New Spin-off ‘PixARK’ (VIDEO)

Ark: Survival Evolved is a dino-loving survival game that has taken a unique spin on the popular genre, making it a go-to pick for many players. It’s downside is that…

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Minecraft Update Aquatic

Minecraft Aquatic Update Breathes Life Into The Game’s Oceans, Lakes, And Rivers (VIDEO)

There are many different biomes in Minecraft. None of them more expansive as the water biome which consists of the oceans, lakes, and streams found in the game. For the…

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Stranger Things Meets Minecraft In Hilarious New Web Comic

The hit Netflix show Stranger Things has seen its second season hit the streaming airwaves on October 27th. In celebration, Mojang Games released a series of skins for Minecraft so…

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EA Requests A “Favor” With Letter For Fans To Cease Keeping Older Battlefield Games Alive

For those who are not aware of “The Revive Team”, they are a group who have been working for over three and a half years to keep older Battlefield titles…

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This Stranger Things Themed Minecraft Skin DLC Pack Is Turning Things Upside Down (VIDEO)

With the long and greatly anticipated season 2 underway, developers at Team Mojang decided to celebrate with a Stranger Things themed Minecraft DLC skin pack. Now players can officially enter the Upside…

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Halloween 2017 Game Updates And Events (VIDEO)

Here’s A Rundown Of Halloween 2017 Game Updates And Events (VIDEO)

October may be a big month for anticipated game releases, but the month is also a celebration of all things spooky. Leading into the eventual Halloween festivities, game developers have…

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