Michael B. Jordan’s New Coach Collection Pays Tribute To Naruto

Michael B. Jordan's New Coach Collection Pays Tribute To Naruto

It’s hard to remember a time when anime was a more niche sector of the American entertainment industry, as opposed to its prime position in mainstream culture. As anime series like Pokémon and My Hero Academia have risen to popularity, their characters have become as well known household names as Spongebob or Shrek. The Naruto series has become one such anime franchise, which recently was very much in the public eye thanks to a meme-ified Facebook event to raid Area 51 referencing Naruto running went viral. Now, Naruto is crossing over into the world of designer fashion with a little celebrity help in the form of a Michael B Jordan Coach collection.

As seen on their official YouTube channel, fashion giant Coach announced the new Naruto-themed collection, which was made possible thanks to a partnership with actor Michael B. Jordan. The actor and not professional basketball player is best known for his work on films like Black Panther and Creed, so he is already quite well known by the nerd world. What some people may not know is that Jordan is an avid anime fan, as he often shown on social media and during press interviews. So, when it came time to design the Michael B Jordan Coach line, he decided to pay tribute to a classic anime series that inspired him in his formative years.

The new clothing and accessories all display famous Naruto characters and symbols, such as a belt bag featuring a ninja power symbol or a pair of utility pants with Naruto’s iconic village symbol. There’s even a stylish pair of Runner shoes perfect for Naruto running in. However, all these premium items will cost a pretty penny, as they range from $95 t-shirts to a $1,500 parka. Still, for fashion-minded Naruto fans out there, they’ll be hard pressed to find any Naruto gear this impressive.

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