the witcher manga kickstarter

The Witcher: Ronin Kickstarter Coming Soon, Features Japanese Folklore

WitcherCon provided franchise fans a peek into all the spin-offs and merchandise coming soon. Not only will there be a aniamted series that pans the shining light on Vesemir, Netflix…

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Berserk Creator’s Passing Honored By FFXIV Players With ‘Dark Knight’ Tribute

Every so often gamers come together to honor those who have passed that have had a large impact on their lives in some way. Whether it’s holding in-game events where…

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Final Fantasy Artist Puts His Signature Spin On The Manga Cover Of Harley Quinn #1

Final Fantasy Artist Puts His Signature Spin On A Manga Cover For Harley Quinn #1

Harley Quinn fans have plenty to celebrate next year. Famed comic writer Stephanie Phillips is currently working on  a 2-issue stint called Harley Quinn: Future State, which seems the femme…

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assassin's creed valhalla feat

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Manga Revealed By Ubisoft

In anticipation of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s launch next month, Ubisoft revealed a one-shot manga that’s available for all to read. Whether you’re into Japanese graphic novels or not, this spin-off…

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My Hero Academia Ultra Impact Game Announced For 2021

My Hero Academia ‘Ultra Impact’ Game Announced For 2021

My Hero Academia is going Plus Ultra with a brand new video game. Officially called My Hero Academia Ultra Impact, the title is a free to play mobile game that…

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P.T. Silent Hills Hideo Kojima Junji Ito

Hideo Kojima In Talks With Junji Ito About Developing A Horror Game (VIDEO) (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Since the below interview gained traction, Junji Ito has taken to Twitter to clarify what was said regarding being in talks with Hideo Kojima about working on a horror…

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One Punch Man

Live-Action One Punch Man Movie Officially Announced

After spending decades as something of a niche status in Western pop culture, anime has become something of a juggernaut now in the West. Some of the biggest franchises now…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake's Boss Battles Are Inspired By Manga, Says Dev

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Boss Battles Are Inspired By Manga, Says Dev

As one would expect, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is taking the majority of its inspiration from the original game, naturally, with the developer also pulling in details from the…

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Sailor Moon Makeup

Sailor Moon Makeup Line Announced By ColourPop Cosmetics

It’s hard to remember a time when anime was something of a niche section of pop culture fandom here in the West, considering its stance now as a fairly mainstream…

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Hideo Kojima Shares

Hideo Kojima Teases Several New Projects, Including A Manga And Film

The video game industry has many talented individuals amongst its ranks, but perhaps one of the most celebrated auteurs in gaming is Hideo Kojima. The talented developer is best known…

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