New Mass Effect Fan Video Depicts Real-World Reaper Invasion (VIDEO)

Mass Effect Fan Teaser Depicts a Real-World Reaper Invasion (VIDEO)

The Mass Effect series has been one of the most beloved RPG shooters of modern times, thanks to its lovable characters, detailed worlds, and intriguing, emotional stories. Despite the controversies surrounding the franchise’s latest entry, the BioWare developed games have undoubtedly left an impression on the fans who’ve played them. One such admirer can be found in YouTube user Michael Conroy, who has created an exciting Mass Effect fan teaser.

The short teaser, which can be seen below, depicts an average modern cityscape that has been overrun with the series’ villains, the Reapers. As one expects, the monstrous machine invasion causes all kinds of mayhem and destruction, but not before a fleet of Alliance ships swoop in to provide an equalizer of sorts. The Mass Effect fan teaser ends before too much happens, though more footage will likely be in the eventual full video.

Mass Effect news has been pretty dormant over the last few months, with this year’s Mass Effect: Andromeda and the franchise as a whole taking an indefinite hiatus. Last we heard, BioWare had issued a survey about how to improve the game following a big management change at the studio.

Unfortunate as current times may be, it is still likely we’ll see more Mass Effect content in the future as the universe is much too vast and brimming with opportunity for anyone to drop completely. Imaginative fan creations such as these will have to ‘hold the line’ in the meantime. Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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