Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Announced with New Trailer (VIDEO)

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Announced

It’s been an early Christmas for gamers this week, first with all of the announcements that came out of The Game Awards, and now with all of the news coming out of the Playstation Experience event. Perhaps one of the biggest stories coming out of the keynote presentation today was that Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite announced finally with a trailer reveal. This comes after several sources pointed to this game’s reveal at the PlayStation event.

The trailer opens with the Capcom logo, and shows Mega Man reaching out for a floating object which appears to be an Infinity Stone. An energy beam comes from the sky and attacks him, with Street Fighter’s Ryu arriving to check up on Mega Man. We then see Iron Man land to the ground as the Marvel logo is then shown. Mega Man and Iron man then exchange energy blasts with each other, with Mega Man, as Ryu rushes in to punch Iron Man into the sky. As Iron Man soars back, he is caught by a red gloved hand, revealed to be Captain Marvel. She and Iron Man then ready their flight and projectile attacks The duos then exchange more attacks, as Ryu and Captain Marvel rush to punch each other’s fists as the screen transitions into the Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite logo. A shadowy figure on a throne is then shown which appears to be Thanos, the Avengers villain, as an ending reveal.

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Announced

The trailer ends with “2017” in big text, as the PS4, Xbox One and Steam logos are shown below, indicating the game will be coming to those platforms. All I have to say, is when this game comes out, I WANNA TAKE IT FOR A RIDE!! What do you guys think? Are you excited that Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite announced at last? What characters do you hope to see in the roster? Let us know in the comments below.

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